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MegaCon Report (Part Four)

Here's the end!

Question: I was curious about how you guys are working these days, the relationship with the cast, how you guys all hang out and everything, if you're kind of looking forward to being in for the long haul, kind of being maybe icons, especially if it runs for a long time, where you'll end up being at sci-fi conventions or where ever for 20, 30 years or whatever...

JB: I was told this was two days!


JB: They're not  paying me for 30 years!

MMD: (laughing) If I'm still here 30 years from now, it'll be kind of cool!

MMD: We are, we are very close as an ensemble. We don't always hang out together 24/7 but we do...we do really like each other, I'd have to say.

JB: We're really lucky.

MMD: We're very lucky.

Question: You hang out with Katee and all the rest of them?

MMD: Yeah, we hang...and James and Jamie particularly, I would say have a...

JB: Yeah, yeah, we're very close, we've both got young families and so we're kind of an extended cult tribe at this stage.

MMD: It's true!

JB: Yeah.

MMD:And you know what? Part of why I think we're lucky, we're very lucky, and part of why we're lucky is that...because we shoot in Vancouver, we're isolated there together, and we're pulled out of the mainstream Hollywood insanity which has a tendancy to spilt people up as opposed to bringing them closer as friends, so we've had that luxury of being in an environment that was really supportive of just enjoying each other.

JB: Yeah, I mean, we're on location, so there's that kind know, we've got each other and we're our own support network and that goes with the way we work with the show, like we'll call each other if we don't like the direction something's going, and say what are you going to do about this, if there's news coming through, what we're going to be doing, and just socially, we celebrate... we celebrate birthdays together and stuff like that up there. It's great. We're the only family we've got, for those of us anyway who live in LA or outside of Vancouver. And then we've also got a wonderful supporting cast who are based in Vancouver, who are very welcoming and introduce us to the local, you know, the things that are going on locally. So, people like Tamaoh and Grace and Michael Hogan and...and the crew, and so...

MMD: And we all watched the World Cup together!

JB: We did! We watched the World Cup!

MMD: My son was there for that.

JB: Yeah.

MMD: We have this amazing thing in one of our trailers, it...

JB: We have these amazing trailers!

MMD: We trailer...

JB: It doesn't belong to me!

MMD: I've got to tell you about this trailer! I love this trailer! It's the biggest trailer I've ever had, certainly. But, the cool part about the trailer, and we didn't know it at first, is it has a outdoor flatscreen. So during the World Cup we just set up the chairs and everybody could watch. It was really quite exciting.

JB: It was amazing.

JB: I was just wondering what an outdoor flat screen at the tire level of a bus, what that's doing there. Is it out of consideration for people who can't overtake you on the freeway so they...?


JB: Is that it? That would seem to be a health risk. But we enjoyed it.

MMD: (laughing) I think you barbecue...

Question: You guys aren't looking to branch out too much, like I know you guys are doing other projects, but you guys are in for the long haul, right? All of you?

MMD: Well, we're in. If they keep writing them, we'll keep doing them. If they pay us.

JB: I've got a merchandising deal for ambrosia as well, which...


Question: I just wanted to know if there are any plans to turn it into a major motion picture, and also, as you mentioned you watched the World Cup, who did you root for in the finals?

JB: In the final, I was for Italy. Just because...ah...Frenchies.

(laughter and applause)

JB: I love France, but I'm not having them win the World Cup.

MMD: Italy

JB: What was the first question?

Questioner: About the motion picture, is it going to become a movie?

JB: We'd love...I mean I'd love to do it. I think our show is...would really be elevated by the opportunity to do the effects that we can do but just won't do because we can't pay for them in one hour of TV. There's certain things, storylines, that are just aching to be done on the Galactica, but the breadth, the breadth is just never allowed us because our show's a really tight budget, really really tight

MMD: We spend too much on it

JB: Yeah. And would be would be the icing on the cake for us to make a one-off story where you really get the chance to do it right and I think, you know I've seen the show now in high-def, I've seen it in wide screen, I've seen it on the big screen, and it looks sensational and given the chance I know we'd all love to do it. But I think there are pretty well...pretty huge stumbling blocks with the ownership of the title, of the movie rights, and such and such. So...we can barely get picked up for season 4, let alone a movie.

Question: Is the show doing better on Sundays than it was on Fridays?

MMD: Yes it is

JB: Much better

MMD: Much better, yes

JB: Yeah, I thank you guys for watching it! Spread the news!

MMD: Thank you for switching


JB: I know they release a lot of DVDs and people download it, but unless people watch on a Sunday night and watch the commercials and go out and buy Toyotas or whatever it is, we don't get to do it. So I really appreciate the loyalty that you guys all have.

Question: With the show getting on to the 4th season, a lot of actors go into writing, directing. Have you tried to do that?

(and this was the question I was going to ask, so I'm glad someone got the chance to ask it!)

JB: Ouch! You so read my mind! I'm afraid so. I personally, I'm desperate to do both on this show. Ah, whether I get to do it, I don't know, but I'm going to try.

MMD: I am not desperate to do either and probably won't.

JB: And that's probably to the benefit of the show and nor should I, but ah... you never know unless you try.

Question: Do you guys notice any kind of negative feedback from actually filming in Vancouver?

MMD: Negative feedback from the industry?

Questioner: Yeah, because in the past there's been problems with union organizations and that, all up in arms because you know, you're going over to Canada to film.

MMD: I think it's an ongoing problem, and it's a real problem right now, and I think our governor, our current dear governor, has tried to bring some of the work back into California and I think that's actually a very good thing. So we're kind of in the middle of I think a little bit of a trek back into the States with some of the work but I don't think that it will EVER leave Vancouver high and dry. I think it's established itself on its own now as a very firm capital of our industry and will continue to be so, even if some of the work comes back to California.

Question: If I could, she was too scared to ask something...

Person sitting next to him: I'm not scared! I'm not scared! I was just wondering if you guys have any practical jokers on the set? You guys pull any pranks on each other or anything like that?

JB: The whoopie cushion didn't go off...

JB: We don't really do so much with that, we're not really that way, inclined

MMD: We really don't have a practical joker. That's a good question!

JB: I think Colin, the props guy...

MMD: Who's Colin?

JB: The guy that does the voices and walks around...

MMD: Oh yeah.

JB: Our crew. Our crew do it for us.


JB: He's always runnning around doing stupid things, putting guillotines in the back of shots, and stuff like that.

MMD: and he has these really crazy voices that he uses and he'll just sort of...shoot one out in the middle of a scene

JB: But we're really dull. The cast.

MMD: Yeah, we're dull.

Question: Do you or do you not want your character to turn out to be a Cylon? Who would you want to be a Cylon?

MMD: Well I don't know how I'd throw myself out the airlock

(lots of laughter)

MMD:I don't know if anybody ever really wants to be a Cylon

JB: but I think that when it happens to them, they realize there's...there's an upside to being unkillable


JB: and to have that duality in your...

MMD: and you get to wear great clothes!

JB: Yeah, everyone who's turned into a Cylon has kind of embraced it, but there is a definite sense that you don't want it to be you. I don't know why that is, but...that's the case. I don't know.

Question: Are you guys ever amazed at how much attention this show gets,you know being on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, does it blow your mind, are you lovin' every minute of it?

MMD: Lovin' every minute of it! It is a little mind-blowing, but I don't know, I have to say, honestly for me, it doesn't surprise me, because I have been in this business for a very long time, and I've seen, I can, you can sort of see and feel the quality in the product, that quite often - if cast well, which it is - lights that kind of fire. So I haven't been as...I've been thrilled, but not necessarily surprised.

JB: On a personal level, I'm always amazed that you end up doing what I wanted to do when I was a kid, so that's kind of a dream come true on that level, but given where we are now, I'm actually more amazed that we're not on the cover of more things and with the critical acclaim that we've received I'm amazed at how many people have never watched the show and given it a go and that's sort of frustrating. So it's double-egded, you know? Yeah, we're sort of thankful that we have achieved what we've achieved, but there's more to be achieved and I'm sort of surprised that we haven't really been...that break-out. I honestly thought we would get an audience now at this point that sci-fi would never have seen before. But that's not the case.

Question: You've covered some pretty deep themes this season. Can you give us any idea about what's coming up? Without giving anything away?

(hmmmm...kind of hard to do that, but I get what he's asking - lol)

MMD: You mean for the second half of this season or for season four?

Questioner: Any!

MMD: We can't tell you a thing!


JB: Well, certainlly not about season 4. I don't think anybody knows!

MMD: You know, I think it be honest with you, it just gets more complex. The issues that seemed so hard that we've grappled with, we continue to go more deeply into, and the complexitites become almost unbearable at times, and I think that's pretty much how the season rolls down

JB: Yeah. The end of the season is unique in the sense that we've never done a season with everybody onboard Galactica. At the end of every season, there's been a sort of...a fragmentation, many different fragments of storylines all over the place, on different planets and different ships. This time everyone is basically in the same room and..ah...but everyone's mentally in a completely different headspace, it's a really interesting challenge. We go through a courtroom drama which we've never done before, and so, yeah, there's lots of things that are different and there's amazing revelations, shocks, surprises. By all accounts, the word in the editing room is that they are two of the best episodes that we've ever done, the final two, and I'm sure leading up to the two.

Question: I heard something about a spin-off show called Caprica. I was wondering if that was something that was going to happen, are there going to be any crossover characters, and if you like or don't like the idea.

JB: Well, the premise was 50 years before, so that kind of rules all us out. (laughter) So I heard it was in...that they were...definitely ordered a script and...but I haven't heard much about it since. I haven't heard that it's being put into production. I'm not sure what's going on.

MMD: I think it spun out. Into the galaxy. Never to return. No, I don't think it's necessarily going to be done at this point. But we don't know that much about it to be honest.

JB: No, we were never really, we found out...

MMD: They didn't approach us.

JB: No, we weren't told about it.

Question: I was absolutely blown away, by what you guys are calling the torture episode. It just absolutely blew me away. I'm curious how much of that was your amazing ability to act, how much of that was Eddie's ability to draw it out and how much of that was the script.

MMD: I...I have to start with Eddie. And I think that James Callis would sit here and agree with me, we sort of (?)about Eddie for awhile after that because the script was written, and it was written in such as way that sort of was committed, but it kept falling back on itself because they were frightened by the whole issue, as we were. And James and I were real paranoid about it, and Eddie, just in terms of that part of the story, the torture part of the story, Eddie really and truly just made it very clear to us, that unless we forced this episode out of each other, literally, that it may not fly. And so we had to work at that level. He encouraged us and drew that out of us and I think the whole thing was elevated because of Eddie

JB: I actually was there that day, I was watching behind the monitor as Mary and James...and it was incredible. I think it's my favorite episode, and that's a large large large part of it. And I know Eddie's a know, he doesn't hold back and he allows you to go places you never really think you can. Mary and James are incredible in that little, that chunk of the episode. And it's something you never see in TV. You never see raw raw scary "you don't know where it's going to go" acting like that, because it's not acting. And it's something that takes time and it takes that kind of involvement from someone you trust, like Eddie and TV shows just don't have that. It blew me away.

MMD: He basically threatened me. Eddie told me that if I didn't go all the way he'd never work in Hollywood again. And it would be my fault. And think of all the young Latino people that he wouldn't be able to help.


Someone announces time is nearly up - they can take three more quick questions...

Question: This is for Jamie Bamber. I was wondering, in the trial that's going to be happening, are you the prosecuting attorney or the defending attorney

JB: Now is this something that everyone knows? Everyone shout out what they think I am!

( one shouted out red hot hunk of burnin' luv!....)

Shouts of "prosecution" and "defense" are heard all over the room. Effectively proving to JB that we aren't all as spoiled as we'd like to be...someone even said "Judge" LOL!

JB: No, I'm not going to say. Because it's a hung parliment, as we say here in the UK, but I do end up in a civilian suit and in a law court. And it's a (?) Thanks.

Question: This question's for Mary. The fact that Baltar was ultimately the person who saved you from the cancer by finding that cure, will that have an impact on the trial?

JB: Yes!

MMD: Absolutely!

(gasps of astonishment from the audience! Wow! This is cool news indeed!)

Question: I think the reason so many people are passionate about the show is it's not just about science fiction, it's about politics and ethics and moral philosophy, I'm wondering if you ever find your character's actions in conflict with your own personal world...

MMD: That's a great question!

...and unfortunately, my tape runs out at this point! Sorry!!! I'm pretty sure there are only a few moments I missed.

I remember MMD saying she found some of her character's actions morally reprehensible, and there was laughter.

Mick, can you remember anything else??

Then they thanked us for being a great audience and they got up to leave...

Then the announcement was made that there is a costume contest scheduled for this room at 6pm, only now it''s 6:20! OooooOOOOooohhh! My flight leaves in one hour and fifteen minutes! Holy FRAK!!! I hug Mick bye and run. Literally. Most people are also leaving the room, as we're being kind of thrown out by the con folks (understandably) and there's a large crowd of people outside waiting to get in. Some people are going to the front, to talk to MMD and JB, and I am so tempted to join them, but I cannot get myself stuck in Orlando. If I don't get to the airport RFN, I'm going to turn into a pumpkin! (Sorry, my daughter is a huge Cinderalla fan and that's all I could think of at this point- the clock chiming midnight as Cinderella runs right out of her shoes!) So I run down the escalator, out the front doors and jump in a cab! I'm off to the airport! This driver has an automatic pass thing for the toll roads, we barely slow down! And the traffic is much better than this morning. He drops me off right at the Delta doors, I run inside. There's no line to check in, I do it at the self-serve thingie - it takes me all of 20 seconds. Then I'm off to security. Only one family is ahead of me. I waited maybe 2 minutes. Then I'm headed for the gate. I call Mick, as she was worried I wouldn't make it. It's been 25 minutes since I left the convention center! Wow. Twenty-five minutes! Not only am I here, but checked-in, through security, and on my way to my gate! Amazing! The flight left on time, arrived on time at 8pm, and by 8:20 I was in my car driving home. What an experience!! I still can't believe it!

Random thoughts - I'm still so impressed by how nice they both were. They were both just so nice and personable! And MMD is BEAUTIFUL!! I wondered why I'd never noticed before (other than the fact that I don't normally notice women in that so I paid attention to that during the show the next day. I decided it was the low lighting of the show - you can't see how vibrant her eyes and hair are, how sparkling she is. Of course, as LR, she's not trying for sparkling, she's meant to be serious, but there were those playful scenes with Bill and I could see the sparkle there, but I was wishing they'd turn up the lights just a bit, then maybe Bill could see it too ;), I talked to him, I touched him, I have a picture of myself with him. A week later, I'm still completely...gobsmacked! MMD's right - that's a great word! He looked absolutely gorgeous in the pink sweater and it was SOFT! I loved the pink sweater :)

The convention itself: Everyone was so nice and it was fun to talk to other people as we waited in line for autographs. Someone in JB's line said he had been to another con and met Katee. He said on screen as Starbuck she looks so tough and butch, but in real life she's this tiny little thing. It was totally awesome to meet Mick and her family and I can't wait to see them again in April. I have this feeling our husbands are going to get along quite well too - lol. I'm really looking forward to DragonCon in August, and seeing Mick and hopefully Jordayna there as well. Now that I know what to expect, I can hardly wait! If y'all see me there, come up and say hi!


and here's the pictures I got autographed! 

And the ink really does look gold in the scan, but I promise it is silver!!


And my favorite - the missing scene from Sacrifice :)

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